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4 Things That I Will Do Again in 2022...and one big "hell-no"

2021 was a helluva ride.

It had me move twice (8 months apart), take on a regular 9-5 job (after being self employed for only the last 20 years), get fired from said job (totally another story, lol), get some new ink, start a new business (as in a clothing store!), colored my hair flaming red and found love ❤️.

So yeah, overall a challenging, but really.great.year.

I did some things very right...and there were things I did plenty wrong.

So the plan is to keep doing those right things + put a hard stop to others.

Wanna know what those are...?

First one. Fully Showing Up. 200% I am there. And I am putting in my all.

Second. Amping Up the Self Love + never second guessing my worth.

Third. Embracing My Own Wild (finger)print more.

Last. Being able to more see the Benefits + Opportunity behind the Risk.

And so, what's the Hell no part? The thing I won't be doing again....

Ya know, to be honest, I struggled writing this part of the blog post.


I've for sure had some dark, sad or challenging moments in my life and especially from the past year - from a divorce, my father's passing, losing a job, money problems, business closing and so on...Almost more than one person can handle. Seriously.

But because I am a silver lining type of person, I try to see the positive in everything.

And I don't usually regret anything...because either it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, a hidden opportunity or I learned something in the long run.

And maybe that's it.

And maybe that is the thing that I will absolutely continue to do every day and every year.

And it's this.

To not be what people, what LIFE throws at you.

It's a guarantee that shit will come your way.

But if you can continue standing, if you can find that resiliency, that will in fact, help with the other things I just mentioned.


Something blows...

and you keep showing up, in full effect. You're not derailed.

and you put yourself first. You know you have this. You're not derailed.

and you handle it your own unique way. You're not derailed.

and even if the way out (or in) is a risky one, you're taking it head on. You're not derailed.

2021 seemed just a continuation of the previous year...but I'm still standing, still being a mover and a shaker. And I've got this coming year. And I know you do too.

And I'm wishing an amazing year for you ❤️

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