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5 Really Easy Ways to Get Your Wardrobe Through The Winter.

You know what I've learnt being in the Atlantic Canada area for about 9 years??

It's that Spring - the warmer weather + the flowers, don't necessarily happen around the end of March or beginning in April.

There's no "April Showers brings the May Flowers".

And that May can have (and has!) snowstorms.

In fact, for my American friends, Canadian schools don't have Spring Break, they have March Break. Why? Because it's not spring here.

So we've gotta endure a few more weeks (months?!) of winter like weather, so here are 5 tips to keep in mind when we are in between winter + spring:

1. It's not just bundling up. It's about layering.

In this case, leggings are absolutely your best friend. Pair them with a hoodie with a fun pattern, an oversized sweater in a neutral color or a long sleeve with a Canadian-made puffer vest.

2. Scarves are a basic element for each winter outfit.

And there's so much variety here. You can go for a large chunky scarf with a bold print, an infinity scarf with lots of dangles and tassels or a lightweight shawl that adds some pop of color. And if you look online, you will find tons of ways to wear any sort of scarf - and this can absolutely change the whole look of the outfit!

3. Have fun with your footwear.

You've got boots that go to your ankle, calf, knee or thigh!

And then there's furry boots/mukluks, platform boots, leather cowboy boots and even fun rain boots! Go for something completely unexpected when pairing. For example, a sweater dress with platform boots and patterned tights!

4. Get your summer wardrobe out!

Yes, get your dresses, skirts, shorts and tees out. And under them, put a body suit, leggings, tights or a long sleeved shirt. Or, layer them under those strappy sundresses or jumpsuits you can't wait to wear.

5. Make your Outerwear Part of your Inner Wear Outfit.

Make that trench coach work as part of the outfit - not just something to wear just to go outdoors. Find a vintage vest to add over a tee or that bodysuit I mentioned. Wrap a chunky scarf around your shoulders like a jacket. Wear fingerless gloves.

So what's the bottom line?

With being Caribbean and from NYC where spring actually shows itself in early April, believe me, I have to take these 5 tips and constantly figure out ways to keep using them. So it's not about having to be "more patient" or having full wardrobes for each season. It's about knowing how to use what you got...and sometimes using them creatively!

Right now, take some time in your closet and just mix+match items.

Without the hesitations or the doubts.

And just see what you come up with!

And if you come up with something you're pleasantly impressed with, let us see it. Just tag @rewildestore on Facebook or Instagram! I can't wait to see!

Stay Wild,

The ReWilde Team

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