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sell with ReWilde!


The Details.

1. Make an Appointment to drop off your items.

2. at Your scheduled time. bring your neatly folded items in bags or Boxes.
(please no hangers). 

3. Items sell in-Store for up to 60Days. 

4. You get 40% of the Sale.


It was once something you previously loved.

And you may have put some good money for it.

But it's time for it to go.

Leave your closet.

And find its new owner.

Do the Right Thing.

Bring it to ReWilde for Consignment.

So you've finally cleaned out your closet, and now you have a few bags of stuff to give away.


Instead of trying to sell it on Facebook Marketplace (which we all know is way too time-consuming), bring it into ReWilde.


And we will house + sell your items - using the same ways we sell our inventory (in-store, online + via our Social Media).


* Items from mid to high end designers and Indie Labels for both Men + Women

* Regular clothing, outerwear, shoes, hats + bags

* Accessories (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, belts, some headbands)

* Wedding Dresses, Athletic Wear and Lingerie/Bras/Bodysuits are individually considered

Not Accepting:

* Socks, underwear, stockings/pantyhose, children's clothing

* Items with cut/missing labels

* Items that are soiled, stained, ripped, smell of smoke or other scents + odors, has pet hair or is missing buttons/zippers/beading

I want to set up a Consignment Appointment.

Note: Only the Downtown Store (211 Water Street)

accepts  + sells Consignment items in addition to our line of COMPLETELY NEW items. Open Year-Round. 

Our Spinnaker's location is all COMPLETELY NEW items

and only open May - Sept.

Personal Styling Questionaire.
What time works for you?

Admission fee for this course is $10


Thanks for registering!

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