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Your Closet Edit is almost fully booked! 

...this is what you do now. 


Please respond to the email I will send you with subject, "For Your Upcoming Closet Edit". It has:

 * link to possible booking times (based on your form responses + location). Please choose one + write it down in your calendar!

* complete cost (including HST + mileage, if applicable)


If you haven't yet done so, you can send your payment by:

* e-transfer to 

(it's automatic and no password is needed)

* Credit Card

   via Square (direct link here)

* or Cash, at your appointment


Gather together:

* 3-4 large plastic bags, bins or boxes

* sharpie/pen + 3-4 index cards

* a playlist/radio station you love

* beverage of choice


Day of:

* wear items that you can easily get in + out of (ex., workout shorts + tank) as you will be changing often

* do not wear/wear minimal makeup so your clothes don't get stained during the edit

* don't worry about "not wearing the right undergarments" (I hear this all the time in my fitting rooms). We will be able to look beyound that in order to determine whether to keep or rid of items. 

* for in-home edits:

do not worry about how clean your house is or whether I am judging as I am there/walking through your house. I'm not, lol (Believe me, I have three children of my own). 

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